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Hibernation is over

Back to the staying in shape, cold weather or no.  Actually, the weather has gone decidedly warm, so there is not much of an excuse.  I've maintained my walking, and have reduced my portion sizes to be a closer match to a "serving" size, instead of eating everything on my plate because someone decided to cover the entire plate.  The one exception is vegetables.  I love them and don't see any reason not to pile them on as mine are not covered in butter.

Saturday's Workout:  Walked a couple miles with the dogs at the rescue shelter.

Today's workout: 

-  Walking in place while brushing my teeth.  With the pre-rinse, rinse, and brushing that actually takes close to 5 minutes. (Cardio)
-  Shadow boxing prior to shower.  (Wife held in laughter thinking I looked silly.) (Upper body conditioning)
-  Shadow boxing at the gym at work using 5 pound weights. (Upper body conditioning)
-  Frog-kicks at the gym at the gym at work.  (Abs & Hip flexors)
-  Knee raises at the gym at work. (Abs)

And the walk goes on

When I got up this morning it was -1 degrees F.  I decided that I was going to get myself out and about and not wrap myself up in a blanket and go back to bed.  Up and out I went.

Long story short, I walked four (4) dogs at the rescue shelter approximately 3.75 miles in 20 degree weather (it warmed up).  The dogs were happy with their brisk walk.  I was happy with my brisk walk.  All was good.

A New Year

Sorry about the lack of postings.  The coming of the new year, and the leaving of the old for that matter, has had me involved in holiday laziness.

Now its back to work and back to living fit.

I do not make new year resolutions, instead I just try to live my life how I want to live it.  In this regard I have started doing something that encompasses both my love of animals and my desire to stay fit.  I was told about an animal rescue shelter that adopts out cats and dogs.  If the dogs/cats are not adopted they stay until they are or die of old age.  Basically, once there they are well cared for by the volunteers until they are adopted.  One problem that they have is that they do not have enough dog walkers.  This is where I come in.  The other day I was able to walk three dogs for over a mile each.  Not bad for a first day.

On a more traditional workout plan I have come to the realization that I have been neglecting my abs.  While avoiding sit-ups because I don't want to destroy my back, I do crunches, leg lifts, frog kicks, etc, but I do it more as a maintainer, not as a developer.  I used to have a kick-a$$ routine going that resulted in over 2500 crunches before breakfast.  But, when I came back from a certain combat zone and had a real life to enjoy that went away fast.

For now, abs are back in.  Cardio (with asthma limitations) is in.  Weights are in.  Any type of suggestions would be appreciated.

Calorie Tracker - Product Review

Livestrong.com's  Calorie Tracker application for the iPhone is a neat App.  First, please realize that I have never used a calorie tracker of any sort in my life.  There may be a ton better than this, but I wouldn't know.  This could be the bottom of the barrel when it comes to these programs.

All I know about this one is that I like it. 

This program keeps track of your caloric intake for meals and snacks, your weight, the food you eat with a long list of possible matches through some sort of online database, and what exercises you do each and every day.  Of course, like anything else you have to enter the data yourself.  If you can do that, it is golden.

Along with these tracking mechanisms, if you create a profile you can target it towards your life with a tracking of your fitness level and daily exertion amount.

All in all a pretty cool toy for those of us that are data hungry.

2.5 miles in 31minutes

I took the Army physical fitness test the other day.  Two minutes to do as many push ups as you can.  Two minutes to do as many sit ups as you can.  A timed Cardio event to round out the test.

I don't push myself to do the most push ups and sit ups that I can.  I  can only score so much because my Cardio event is the Alternate walk.  For my age group I have 36 minutes to walk 2.5 miles.  The key is that I had to keep one foot in contact with the ground at all times.  If both feet are off the ground at the same time (as in Jogging or Running) you are disqualified and therefore FAIL the test.  Keeping both feet down is not as easy as it sounds.

I succeeded though.  2.5 miles in 31 minutes!  I did 50 push ups in under 45 seconds.  Those were proper Army style push ups, no alternates here.  For sit ups I did 52 because I lost count.  Once I found out how many I did I stopped.

All in all, it was a good PT test, except for getting up before 4am to drive to the test area.

Pouring out the sweat (and Turkey)

Post Thanksgiving and it is back to the workout routine.  Turkey, ham, stuffing/dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, greens, and four slices of pie later I was ready for sitting down and watching football with another slice of pie.

Now its Monday and the gym is calling:

35 minute Run/Walk
Weighted Mobility conditioning
LOTS of sweat

Tomorrow I will be taking it easy on the workout as I have a stress test for my heart scheduled for the afternoon.

Sore Arms

While working out the this morning I did an exercise that is good for the arms and upper body.  For those of you that want Tone, Endurance, and Strength, BUT not mass and bulk this might be good for you.

- Hold your arms to your side with your triceps parallel to the ground, and forearms pointing straight up.

- With your palms facing the sky press up until your arms are fully extended.

- Return your arms to the starting position.

- Repeat.

Do this smoothly and evenly.

For those of you doing the 100 push-up challenge, try this out.  It works different muscles, but develops them all.  We did 100 of these. OW!!!  Still, it works.

Out of breath

I've been "inactive" the past couple weeks.  I found out that I have "exercise induced asthma", whatever that means.

I was running during a fitness exam, and all of a sudden I was barely able to breath.  I managed to get through the full two miles, but I was only able to stand with the help of two guys (one on my left, the other on my right).

Tomorrow will be my first time running since I picked up the inhaler.  Wish me luck.

Ride - Ride - Ride

I had Monday off and took the opportunity to get on the bike and go for a ride.  By bike I mean the type with that you have to power with your legs.  I did not just cruise around the block, but went out a few miles, drank some water, and then came back.  No gentle cruising here.

I forgot how much I enjoy cycling.  The wind, the air, the honest effort (and relief) after cresting a hill.  All in all a good low-to-no impact workout that my body enjoyed.

strive for 5 - part 2

 I did it again! Exercised 5 times this week.

10/6 - off
10/7 - 3.5 miles
10/8 - 2.5 miles
10/9 - 3 miles outside
10/10 - 4 miles
10/11 - off
10/12 - 3 miles outside

Now, this week will be a little tricky because I have weekend plans - perhaps I'll take my jogging sneakers along and sneak out for a quick run? OR maybe I'll take a quick jog before I leave? Either way - my goal is to exercise 5 times again this week.